Preparation of shrikhand from milk


Shrikhand may be a semi-soft, sweetish-sour, milk product ready from lactic fermented curd. For the preparation of shrikhand from milk the curd (dahi) is part strained through a cloth to remove the whey and therefore produce a solid mass referred to as chakka and add some the basic ingredient for shrikhand.

This chakka is mixed with the specified quantity of sugar, etc., to yield srikhand. The srikhand is more desiccated over an open pan to create the srikhand gully sweet. (All 3 products are quite well-liked within the western region of the country.)

Composition of shrikhand

The composition of chakka can be totally depend upon the initial composition of fresh milk, the degree of fermentation (i.e. acidity developed) and also the extent of whey removed.

These 3 factors, in conjunction with the quantity of sugar side, influence the composition of shrikhand.

The composition of shrikhand gully depends upon the extent to that shrikhandis desiccated. the typical com position of chakka (laboratory-made samples from buffalo milk), shrikhand and gully are given in Table

ProductMoistureFatProteinLactoseAshSugarLactic acid
Shrikhand wadi6.57.47.715.90.862.91.01

Shrikhand preparation method

  • Fresh Milk
  • Standardization of milk to 4.5% fat
  • Pasteurization of milk 71 °C/10 min.
  • Cooling of milk 30 °C
  • Addition of starter culture to milk 2%
  • Incubation at 30 °C (12-16 hours)
  • Obtain fresh curd
  • Breaking curd
  • Drainage of whey from curd (6-8 hours)
  • Chakka obtained (Shrikhand base)
  • Addition of papaya pulp to chakka (10, 20, 30 % of Chakka) 
  • Addition of sugar
  • fresh shrikhand obtained

The standardized technique of preparation is also delineated as follows: fresh, sweet buffalo milk, that has been standardized to 6 fat, is pasteurised at 71°C for 10 minutes so cooled to 28-30°C.

It’s then inoculated one percent with beverage culture (Str. lactis), that is mixed well, and incubated at 28-30°C for 15-16 hours (overnight). once the curd has set firmly (acidity zero.7-0.8 per cent lactic), it’s broken and placed in a very fabric artifact bag and remained a peg for the removal of whey for 8-10 hours.

At this period, the position of the curd is also altered, or the curd gently squeezed, to facilitate whey drain. The solid mass therefore obtained is termed chakka, that is that the shrikhand base.

This chakka is then admixed with sugar (crystal or ground) and well kneaded for uniform mixing; color and fla your might also be side. the merchandise currently obtained is thought as shrikhand.

Once the shrikhand is more desiccated to a tough mass by heating on associate degree open pan over a right away fireplace, srikhand gully is obtained (54)(58).


(i) Chakka is employed for the preparation of shrikhand;
(ii) shrikhand is employed either for direct consumption or for the preparation of the shrikhand wadi sweet;
(iii) shrikhand gully is employed for direct consumption.


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