Packaged Drinking Water brands In India

Packaged drinking water brands in india are most important factor when we travel to long distance from home. With the onset of aqua guards and purifiers, they need to not be of such use in daily life however comes as a saviour whereas we leave of our family.

Imagine drinking unsafe tap water whereas you are travelling! who will that nowadays?. So we discuss about Packaged Drinking Water brands In India in this article.

Which is that the best drinking water bottle in India?

Bottled water business of india offers one in all the simplest growth in terms of valoume and revenue, Bisleri drinking water complete is that the best and most commerce prepackaged drinking water complete of india, holds 35th of Indian market share.

Let’s consider a number of the highest prepackaged mineral drinking water brands.

1. Bisleri

Packaged Drinking Water brands In India

We all are all right attentive to this complete! little question Parle’s Bisleri is that the preferred brand in india and is currently a household name.

It’s a large customer base that has been designed over years of trust that the corporate has created with the standard of water served to the state.

It holds 400th market share within the Indian prepackaged drinking water trade. The Parle group purchased Bisleri from the Italian businessperson man Felice Bisleri in 1969.

2. Kinley

Packaged Drinking Water brands In India
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Yet another sure name nationwide! Kinley is owned by the Coke Company. The water goes through countless purity tests before creating it to the market.

They use the newest technology of operation, that is, Reverse diffusion.

3. Aquafina

Packaged Drinking Water brands In India

Well, it arrived a small amount late within the market however is powerful enough to make the presence felt. it absolutely was launched on the market in 2000.

Closely-held by Pepsico company it’s one in all the foremost standard and bestselling brands nationwide. They need nearly 19 plants everywhere the country that aims to provide pure water to the population.

4. Kingfisher

Packaged Drinking Water brands In India
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Owned by United Breweries LTD, they currently boast of lots of client base.

Its premium prepackaged drinkable is ready by removing undesirable dissolved solids, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gases from water.

5. Bailley

Packaged Drinking Water brands In India
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Owned by the large FMCG Parle Agro LTD, It had been Launched back in 1993. It is a product of Parle Agro Ltd. and is thought among users for purity and quality.

6. Qua

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It is owned by the Rahul Narang group. the corporate believes in exploitation 100 percent organic product and no chemicals.

The water is though to possess been source from range of mountains Foothills. It’s packaging exploitation French bottling experience.

7. Himalayan Water

As the complete tag goes ‘Live Pure’, the corporate whole believes within the truth. A venture between Tata world Beverages and PepsiCo india, this prepackaged water boasts of exploitation whole natural water with none chemical process.

This is often the sole prepare packaging water Indian whole that has accreditations from famous institutes across the planet as well as Institut First State Fresenius, North American nation government agency and therefore the Health Ministries of Japan & France.

8. Manikchand Oxyrich

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The ISO 22000:2005 certified prepackaged water is that the only whole in india to own 200th oxygen in it.

It’s conjointly certified by the planet customary for Food Safety Management System. Purity and quality represent the whole.

9. Tata Water plus

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This is the primary nutrient water of india that was introduce by the Nourish Co beside a joint project among pepsi Co and Tata international Beverages restrict.

Because the whole tagline goes ‘Goodness Of Copper’ the brown label to showcases the goodness of exploitation copper vessels to drink water that was utilise in ancient india. o the water is contact with copper that strengthens the immune system and refreshes one.

10. Railneer

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This is sponser by Indian Railway and is currently a complete that quenches thirsts of millions traveling by train. Indian Railways installed four Neer bottling plants that manufacture 6.14 lakhs of prepackaged bottles per day.

The Indian Railways plans upto produce overas 16 crore water bottles with a turnover around of Rs 120 crore.


I hope you may get all the information concerning Packaged Drinking Water brands In India, when reading my artice. After this, if you’ve got any doubt then i will be able to help you tell me the comments section.

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