Milk products in india

The term ‘Indian dairy products’ refers to those milk products that originated in undivided India. The importance of milk and milk product during this country has been recognized since Vedic times (five thousand years ago).

Milk is a whole, clean, lacteal secretion obtained by the whole milking of healthy milch animals, properly fed and kept, excluding that obtained among 15 days earlier and 5 days after birth. For more information about composition of milk.

The several ways in which during which milk is employed for the preparation of indigenous product developed a lot of or less as an art. So we discuss about the Milk products in india in this article.

1) Kheer is milk products in india

Milk products in india

Kheer, additionally referred to as Basundi, is an Indian afters ready by the partial dehydration of milk. Over an immediate hearth beside sugar and frequently rice or sometimes flour.

It’s common throughout the country. Containing all those solids of milk concentration and further sugar, the food and nutritive worth of kheer is fairly high.

2) Khoa is milk products in india

Milk products in india

Khoa/Khava/Mawa refers to the partly dehydrated milk product ready by the continual heating of milk in a very karahi over an immediate hearth. Whereas additionally constantly stirring cum-scraping by employing a khunti until it reaches a semi-solid (doughy) consistency.

Thereafter, the pan-contents are off from the hearth and worked up into a solid mass referred to as khoa-pat.

Khoa is create on an oversized scale under hygienical conditions; a pair of goodly saving in man-hours and human is create possible.

3) Khurchan is milk products in india

This is a concentrated, sugary whole-milk product ready by cooking milk while not stirring it during a karahi.

So on give the simultaneous formation of a thick creamy layer of skin on the surface of the milk. Therefore the slow evaporation of water, when that sugar is supplemental to the focused product.

This is follow by an intensive intermixture of the product. It’s quite common within the northern region of the country.

Khoa constitutes one amongst the 2 chief bases (the alternative being chhana) for getting ready indigenous sweets.

The pro duction of khoa in india in 1966 was calculable to be regarding 4.9 per cent of total dairy farm production. And 8.7 per cent of the milk used for manufacture of milk product.

Today, the overall khoa production could also be calculable at over 300 million kg., valued at Rs 300 crores at the current rates.

The preparation and use of khoa are processing principally to the northern and western regions of the country. Far and away the most important quantity is contribute by state

4) Rabri is milk products in india

Milk products in india

This is an particularly ready focuses and sugary milk product, containing many layers of clotted cream.

Whereas the milk is slowly gaseous (without being stirred) at cooking temperature karahi over an shoot, items of skin that type on the surface of the milk are incessantly variable and touched to the cooler components of the karahi.

When the volume of milk has been significantly reduces, sugar is add to it; then layers of clotting cream are immerses.

Within the mixture and therefore the end impotency product obtained by heating the entire mass for one more short amount. Rabri is sort of common within the northern and japanese regions of the country.

5) Kulfi

Milk products in india

This is an indigenous frozen dessert frozen in small containers. Whereas the milk is boiling, it’s sugary by an addition of sugar. Therefore the product is focuses to approximately 2: 1.

To this concentrate, once it’s cooled, are supplemental malai (indigenous cream), crusher loony and a flavour (commonly rose or vanilla).

The combination is placed in triangular, round shape or cylindrical moulds of assorting capacities made from galvanized iron sheets.

The moulds are close on high by putting atiny low disc over them and therefore the edges create air tight with wheat-dough. (Modern moulds are made from plastic, usually form in shape with screw-cap plastic ace.)

The mix-in moulds is frozen in a very massive stuff vessel containing a mix of ice and salt.

5) Dahi is milk products in india

Indian curd, referre to as dahi, may be a well-known fermentation milk product consumption by massive sections of the popula tion throughout the country, either as a region of the daily diet or as a refreshing nutrient.

In 1966, the production of dahi was calculate to be regarding 7.8 percent of the overall milk production in india. And 14.0 percent of the milk used for the manufacture of dairy farm product.

Since conversion of milk into dahi is a crucial intermediary step within the manufacture of indigenous butter and clarified butter, it will be say that over forty percent of the overall milk production in india to day is born-again into dahi.

According to the PFA Rules (1976), dahi or curd is that the product obtained from change integrity or poached milk by bittering, natural or otherwise, by a harmless carboxylic acid or alternative bacterial culture.

Dahi may contain extra cane sugar. It should have a similar proportion of fat and solids-not-fat because the milk from that it’s ready.

Where dahi or curd, apart from milk dahi, is sale or purchasable with no indication of the category of milk, the standards for dahi ready from buffalo milk shall apply.

6) Srikhand is milk products in india

Srikhand may be a semi-soft, sweetish-sour, milk product ready from lactic fermented curd.

The curd (dahi) is part passing through a material to getrid of the whey and therefore remaining a solid mass known as chakka (the basic ingredient for sri khand). This chakka is mix with the desire quantity of sugar.

7) Panir is milk products in india

Surati cheese or panir is that the best noted of the few native forms of cheese. It appears to possess been a commer cial product for over a century within the western region of the country (presently Gujarat and geographical region States).

The name surati seems to possess been create from the city of Surat. Wherever it had been in all probability 1st ready or marketed.

It is create in the main from buffalo milk with the addition of crude organic compound and salt and is usually not colorfull. It’s step in whey in pots when preparation and through storage, transport and distribution.

8) Chhana is milk products in india

Chhana, additionally referred to as paneer in certain components of the country, constitutes one amongst the two chief bases for the preparation of sweetmeats.

Chhana refers to the milk-solids obtained by the acid action of poached hot milk and future emptying of whey. The acids normally used are drink or acid, in each natural and chemical forms.

According to the PFA Rules (1976), chhana or paneer is that the product made with cow or buffalo milk or a mixture with bitter milk, carboxylic acid or acid.

9) Makkhan is milk products in india

This refers to the country/desi butter ordinarily obtained by churning milk curd (dahi) with crude indigenous devices.

According to the PFA Rules desi butter refers to the product obtained from cow or buffalo milk or a mixture thence, or curd obtained from cow or buffalo milk.

Hence while not the addition of any preservative, common salt, any additional colouring matter or any additional flavoring agent. It ought to be free from different animal fats, wax and mineral oils, and vegetable oils and fats.

10) Ghee

Milk products in india

(a) starting from nearly religious text times (3000 to 2000 B.C.), there’s ample recorded proof to point out that makkhan. And drawn butter were extensively utilise by the first inhabitants of India each in their dietary and spiritual practices.

Thus, the Rigveda (the oldest of the Vedas) contains the subsequent translations of the sanskrit passages

(i) ‘Give USA food of the many types dripping with “butter” (i.c. makkhan).’

(ii) ‘The stream of “ghee” descended ablaze like cervid fleeing

from hunger.”

(iii) ‘The streams of “ghee” fall copious and speedy because the water of a river.’

(b) it’s value noting that the employment of milk fat within the kind of drawn butter, therefore commendable suited to the current country, ought to are detect in such early times.


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