Career option in food technology course

What is food technology?

As we go to new day the revolution or development of new technologies and the increasing value of food technologists, so it has great Career option in food technology course. So food technology course is great opportunity to students, hence in this article we Discuss about it.

The genius changing quality of food are called food technologists which come with new topics and flavors for various food products that we consume in different forms in our daily lives.

As we go to new day the revolution or development of new technologies and the increasing value of food technologists, so it has great career option.

General definition of Food Technology is a branch of science in which we deals with the study of food preservation, food processing, food production, food packaging, food labeling, food distribution, food quality and standardisation etc. is called food technology.

So food technology is helpful for new product development also. With the help of food technologist the raw food is converted into the simple one healthiest food.

So food Technology courses now available in world wide industry like colleges to create professional food technologist and can get aportunity to varies fields.

So we can discuss all about food technology field in this article.

The main job of food technologists is to develop new ideas and work to develop food manufacturing and preservation for keeping the food safe and hygienic and enhancing its color, flavor, and resistance from natural harms like microorganisms and toxins.

Students having a specific interest in food technology and food products pursue a career in the field of Food Technology; it will also help them take the food sector of the country to another level.

The food sector in India is growing faster and creating plenty of job options for food technologists. In India, there are different food technology courses available at undergraduate, postgraduate, doctorate, diploma levels for the students seeking a career in food technology.

Some of India’s popular food technology courses are B.Tech in Food technology, B.Sc Food Technology, M.Tech in Food Technology, M.Sc Food Technology, etc.

After attaining a food tech degree or diploma, you can work as food technologists, food safety officers, food production managers, sensory evaluators, technical brewers, quality control managers, etc.

Career in Food Technology: Job Description

Food Science and Technology is a branch of science that deals with the techniques involved in production, packaging, labeling, processing, preservation, quality management, and distribution of food products.

A food technologist uses techniques and processes to transform raw materials into food. Food technologists plan to manufacture food products (including beverages) and perform a wide range of job responsibilities.

Career Path in Food Technology Course: Types

Over the last decades, the world is witnessing great progress in the food sector; therefore, the demand for Food Science and Technology professionals has been increasing.

With the growing new technologies, this sector is growing as a big market in countries like India. Using chemistry, microbiology, engineering, and other sciences, the food technician becomes a need for the food market.

Below, we have mentioned the type of Food Science and Technology professionals:

  1. Research Scientist: A research scientist carries out various experiments using chemistry, microbiology, engineering, and other sciences that lead to improved yield, flavor, nutrition, and general acceptability of the packaged food.
  2. Food Inspector/ Quality Controller: The main job of a food inspector/ a quality controller is to ensure the quality of food produced is maintained. A food inspector runs a variety of tests on both packaging and the food and ensures that the food that the people consume is safe.
  3. Lab Technician: The lab technician is mainly responsible for providing all technical support needed to enable the lab to function effectively. They are bound to perform tasks like sampling, testing, measuring, as well as analyzing results.
  4. Organic Chemist: Organic chemists recommend methods by which raw materials are converted into processed food.
  5. Biochemist: The role of a biochemist is similar to the role of an organic chemist. They suggest improvements in food quality, texture, flavor, storage, etc.
  6. Food Engineer: Those who have completed B.Tech in Food Technology can opt to become a Food Engineer. An engineer in the food industry is required to plan, design, improve, and maintain the processing systems.
  7. Food Product Development Director: A food product development director helps in the preservation and packaging of food items.
  8. Managers and Accountants: After pursuing a degree in Food Technology, one can also become a manager or accountant in various food production companies. They are mainly responsible for supervising the processing work. Apart from this, a manager also manages the administration and finances affair of food production.
  9. Home Economist: A home economist is an expert in nutrition and dietetics. They also test the food and recipes as per the directions mentioned on the containers.

Skills Required for food technology

So first you have to know depth about food technology course before we go to deep into the course.

Following the required skills for food technologist profession or build for professional skils

  1. Problem Solving skills
  2. New product development skill
  3. You have interest in food science and technology
  4. Excellent Organisational Skills
  5. Practical knowledge
  6. Research paper and projects skills
  7. Her interest in Health and Nutrition
  8. Time Management skill
  9. Awareness of Consumer Market for sale the product or advertisement of product
  10. Project explanation skills
  11. Scientific & Analytical Reasoning ability

Eligibility Criteria Required for food technology course:

  1. Student have completed 10 th or 12th equivalent to science stream.
  2. The student have minimum qualified marks required from recognized institutions are usually 50%-60% or above.
  3. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics (PCMB) or PCM group for 12th or Home Science must be the subjects you choose.
  4. Student have completed a BSc (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or Mathematics) or BTech or BE in Food Technology with the minimum qualifying marks required to pursue a postgraduate degree.

Food Technology Syllabus

Food technology syllabus have little different for different branch like (,,,,) includes preservation, packaging, food prevents from harmful micrograms, increase shelf life of food , manufacturing, labeling, distribution, quality control, amongst others.

Food technology subjects

The following are the subjects of food technology course:

  1. Meat and Poultry Processing Technology
  2. Food chemistry
  3. Food process engineering part -1
  4. Food process engineering part -2
  5. Food preservation
  6. Food Microbiology
  7. Food Hygiene and Sanitation
  8. Food Nutrition and Health
  9. Enzyme Technology
  10. Food Processing equipment’s
  11. Packaging Technology
  12. Food Plant Layout & Design
  13. Food Additives
  14. Spices and legumes technology
  15. Oil technology
  16. Food biochemistry
  17. Food Analysis
  18. Confectionary Technology
  19. Unit Operations in Food Processing technology
  20. Laws and Quality Assurance
  21. Food and Vegetable Processing technology
  22. Dairy technology
  23. Seafood Technology
  24. Applied Food Biotechnology
  25. Crop Processing Technology
  26. Fermented Milk Products

Food Technology Courses

For the students have completed the food technology course they have more approchumiylty for their career in foo industry.
Student can for Mtech For post graduation.

Their are more degree courses but there are various diploma and certification Food Technology courses available. Like of them have been mentioned :

Food Technology Courses after 10th

  1. Diploma in Food Technology and Nutrition technology
  2. Graduate Diploma in Food Science
  3. Certificate in Food and Nutrition technology

Food Technology Courses after 12th

  1. B.Tech in Food Technology
  2. B.E. in Food Technology
  3. B.E. in Food Technology and Bio-Chemical Engineering also
  4. in food technology
  5. in Food Science and Quality Control
  6. Food Science (B.Sc.) Bachelor of Science in Food Processing Technology
  7. in Food Technology
  8. B.Sc(Hons.) in Food Science and Technology

Masters Level Courses in food Technology

  1. M.Sc. in Microbial and Food Technology
  2. MSc Food Technology
  3. M.A. in Food Nutrition
  4. M.Tech. in Food Technology
  5. M.E. in Processing and Food Engineering
  6. M.Sc. in Food Science and Technology
  7. M.E. in Food Technology
  8. M.Tech in Food Engineering and Technology
  9. M.Tech in Food Technology
  10. M.Tech in Food and Nutrition
  11. MTech in Food Biotechnology
  12. M.Tech in Food Microbiology
  13. PG Diploma in Food Analysis and Quality Contro

Career option in food technology course: Top Colleges

There are around 215 colleges in India that offer food technology courses at different levels. Out of these colleges, approximately 54% are private while the rest are public/ government/public private.

Based on the overall performance of the College/Institute, and they are all India ranking, we have mentioned below the top food technology colleges in India.

  1. Agricultural & Food Engineerin Department
  2. IIT Kharagpur
  3. Amrita University (Research Projects)
  4. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology
  5. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
  6. CCS Haryana Agriculture University
  7. Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI)
  8. Central Institute of Fisheries Education (CIFE)
  9. Central Institute of Post-Harvest Engineering & Technology (CIPHET)
  10. Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI)
  11. Centre for Food Science & Technology, Sambalpur University
  12. Department of Food Science and Nutrition, SNDT Women’s University
  13. Department of Food Science and Technology, Pondicherry University
  14. Dept. of Food Process Engineering, SRM University
  15. Faculty of Food Safety and Quality
  16. Food and Drug Toxicology Research Centre(FDTRC)
  17. IISC Bangalore
  18. IISER Pune
  19. Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI)
  20. Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology (IICPT)
  21. Indian Institute of Toxicology Research (IITR)
  22. Indian Institute of Vegetable Research (IIVR)
  23. Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI)
  24. International Life Sciences Institute India (ILSI)
  25. National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute (NABI)
  26. National Food Research Institute (NDRI)
  27. National Institute of Abiotic Stress Management (NIAM)
  28. National Institute of Food Technology
  29. Entrepreneurship and Management (NIFTEM) 28. National Institute of High-Security Animal Diseases (NIHSAD)
  30. National Institute of Nutrition (NIN)
  31. School of Health Sciences, University of Calicut
  32. School of Life Sciences, JNU

Career option in food technology course:Top Entrance Exams

Admission to various diploma, certificate, and UG level programs in food technology is made directly based on the merit of the candidates in the qualifying exam.

At the same time, some institute offers admission through aptitude tests. B.Sc in food technology and B.Tech in food technology are the most popular programs among students.

Admission to B.Sc courses are done through national or state or university/institute level entrance tests whereas, admission to the program is done through the following entrance tests.

  1. JEE Main
  2. JEE Advanced
  3. GATE Exam
  4. UPSEE/AKTU Exam
  5. BITSAT Exam
  6. VITEEE Exam
  7. IPU CET Exam
  8. COMEDK Exam
  9. KCET Exam
  10. MHT CET Exam
  11. JEEP 2020 (Joint Entrance Examination Polytechnic)
  12. CFTRI (Central Food Technological

Career option in food technology course: Books for food technology

Space below mentions the name of some of the most preferred books and references:

  1. Food Preservation Process Design By Dennis Held man
  2. Sensory Evaluation Practices By Herbert Stone, Rebecca Bleibaum,
  3. Introduction to Food Toxicology By
  4. Takayuki Shibamoto, Leonard Bjeldanes
  5. Thermo bacteriology in Food Processing By C. Stumbo
  6. Food Process Engineering and Technology by Zeki Berk
  7. Foodborne Infections and Intoxications by J.Glenn Morris, Morris Potter
  8. Wine Science By Ronald Jackson
  9. The Produce Contamination Problem by Karl Matthews, Gerald Sapers
  10. Starch: Chemistry and Technology by Roy
  11. Whistler, James Be Miller,
  12. Microwaves in the Food Processing Industry by Bernard Schweigert, Richard Mudgett, Robert Decareau
  13. Statistical Methods in Food and Consumer Research by John Hawthorn, George Stewart, Bernard Schweigert
  14. The Chemistry and Technology of Pectin by Steve Taylor, Reginald Walter
  15. Practical Design, Construction, and Operation of Food Facilities By J. Peter Clark

Career option in food technology course: Job Opportunities

Once you complete a diploma, certificate, UG, PG, or doctoral level Food Technology courses, ample job opportunities are available for you in India.

Food firms and farms generally hire food Technicians for the processing of Food Products across the country. As per the need to today’s food market, you can be hired for any of the following job profiles:

  1. Food and Beverage Departments
  2. Food Business Management
  3. Food Marketing
  4. Food Processing and Production Organisations
  5. Food Safety Manufacturing Units
  6. Laboratories
  7. Processing and Distributing Units
  8. Quality Assurance Units
  9. Research Units
  10. Storage Units

Career option in food technology course- Top Job Offering Organizations

Once you have a degree or diploma in Food Technology by your side, you can start your career as a Food scientist or food technician in various private firms or work with various research and development organizations supervised by the government.

In the private sector, Several job profiles such as Food Technologists, Organic Chemists, Biochemists, Analytical Chemists, Home Economists, Engineers, Research Scientists, Managers are available for the graduates and diploma holders.

Some of the reputed recruiters who offer jobs to the food technologist are as the following:

  1. Agro Tech Foods
  2. Amul
  3. Britannia Industries Ltd
  4. Cadbury India Ltd
  5. Dabur India Ltd
  6. Gits Food Products Pvt Ltd
  7. Godrej Industrial Limited
  8. Hindustan Lever Limited
  9. ITC Limited 10. Milkfood
  10. MTR Foods limited
  11. Nestle India Pvt Ltd


I hope you may get all the information concerning about Career option food technology course. When reading my article. After this, if you got any doubt then, i will be able to help you tell me the comments section.

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