Best beers in india

When it comes to the topic on alcohol, nothing better than an amazing ice cold beers in india. The world of beer is limitless and it is probably the most oldest alcoholic beverage to be consumed at this time. 

For all the beer lovers, we have here with our review on best beer Brands in india. So we discuss about best beers in india in this article.

On our list, we’ve the simplest marketing beer brands that people like the foremost in india due to the nice taste. If you’re new the beer World, then the beer brands on our list are vital for you.

1. Kingfisher

Best beers in india

Kingfisher is one among India’s largest marketing best beers in india among the all, with commanding market dominance over the years.

This whole is very celebrate among young beer lovers because it incorporates a wide selection of sunshine to strong beers.

This is the one true national player, that no matter the tough condition, remains the ‘King of good Times’.

Exceptional flavor, good price, and nice distribution are what makes kingfisher the foremost trustable and loosely consumed beer in india.

kingfisher was launch india in 1978 and since then it’s acquire a vast market share.

•Available Variants:

1.Kingfisher Blue : 8%ABV

2.Kingfisher Strong : 8% ABV

3.Kingfisher Premium : 4.8% ABV

4.Kingfisher Ultra-: 5% ABV

•Kingfisher Alcohol Content

The Alcohol content in kingfisher beer differs from country to country. The alcohol proportion of kingfisher beer in india is about 8%

2. Budweiser

Best beers in india

Budweiser beer whole originated in 1876, and it’s one among the foremost widespread beer brands in india.

It originated in the United States and is obtainable across 80 countries across the world. It’s one among the best-filtered beers in india.

The beer is obtainable in each glass bottles and may. The bottle is just about identical since 1876 and has not got any major changes.

It carries 30 minutes rice additionally to the hops and barley malt. It’s factory-made by Anheuser-Busch.

It’s the most effective beers in india you need to attempt a minimum of once Budweiser Beer options

•Budweiser Alcohol Content

The Alcohol content in Budweiser beer differs from country to country. The alcohol proportion of Budweiser brew in india is 5%

•Budweiser beer value in india

1.Budweiser Premium – INR 170 for 650 ml.

2.Budweiser magnum – INR 195 for 650 ml

3. Bira

Best beers in india

Bira is one among the most effective beer in india manufactured B9 Beverages Pvt. Ltd.

This beer was initial launch in 2015 and shortly took over the Indian beer market by storm. It’s one among the most effective craft beers you’ll have in india.

Initially, the beer was manufactured in Belgium to the help of premium ingredients from France, Belgium, Himalayas, and bavarian Farms.

It absolutely was india once manufacture. However with its increasing demand and market success, the complete started producing the beer in india.

The brew is created from ingredients like wheat, barley, and hops. It’s out there in 330ml, 650ml bottles, and 500ml cans in india. It’s the most effective beer in india to drink 2021

•Bira Alcohol Content

1.Bira 91 White has an alcohol content of 4%

2.Bira 91 Blonde has an alcohol content of 4.9%

3.Bira 91 lightweight has an alcohol content of 4.9%

4. Bira 91 strong is an intense wheat beer.5%

•Bira beer value in india

Bira has 5 completely different variants, and therefore the value of Bira beer in india varies from Rs 170 to Rs 220 for 330 ml of beer.

4. Corona

Best beers in india

Corona beer is one among the popular beer brands in india and every one over the world.

Mexican still Cervecería Modelo is that the largest producer of Corona beer, and it’s owned by a Belgian company AB InBev.

Corona comes during a draught version also as in bottles and cans. Corona beer has 3 completely different versions of beer – Corona extra, Corona light, Corona Premium, and Corona acquainted.

The complete additionally includes a beer cocktail line Corona Refresca that comes in 3 completely different flavors.

•Corona beer Alcohol Content

1.Corona additional has an alcohol proportion of 4.6%

2.Corona light has an alcohol proportion of 4.0%

3.Corona Premium has an alcohol proportion of 4.0%

4.Corona acquainted has an alcohol proportion of 4.8%

5.Corona Refresca has an alcohol proportion of 4.5%

•Corona beer value in india

The popular Corona beer in india is lightweight and extra. Corona additional beer prices Rs 280 for 355 ml, and Corona larger beer additionally prices Rs 280 for 355 ml.

5. Carlsberg

It is one in every of the foremost wide legendary crafted beers, and it’s the most effective beer within the world.

Carlsberg Elephant strong Super Premium, that is unbelievably potent and emerges with a spirited malty character, can in all probability be the greatest-selling sort in Carlsberg beers.

Throughout this beer, there’s additionally a dry bitterness that’s extraordinarily gratifying, and because the title indicates, an intense hug of alcohol is amazing for festivities.

It is the upmost common beer complete in india with a value, and it absolutely was based by Jacob Christian Jacobsen, the creator of Carlsberg.

It’s one in every of the highest marketing beer brands in india, with a recent and crispy taste.

•Carlsberg Available variants

1.Carlsberg Elephant robust Malt Premium- 7% ABV

2.Carlsberg Malt Premium- 5% ABV

3.Carlsberg Classic- 7% ABV

•Carlsberg Alcohol Content

Carlsberg beer has high alcohol by volume compared to different beer brands in India. The alcohol proportion of the Carlsberg beer complete is 7%.


Best beers in india

It is factory-made in India by the Carlsberg company, and it’s recognized for being among the nation’s most luxurious brands of malt beers.

This one is light and natural, with a delicate equalization act between flowers and cereal aromas.

It’s made within the medium-rich, mild volume of sweetness and offered at a really reasonable value.

Tuborg strong appears to be the foremost economical Tuborg sort, discharged with the need for powerful beer amongst the indian shopper base and therefore the best beer brands in India.

Tuborg incorporates a higher taste than different brands of beer interchange the market, the will for powerful beers among the Indian shopper base.

The beer, with a gentle sweetness within the middle, is medium-bodied, healthy & crispy. It blends well with Indian food, that is verdant.

•Tuborg Available variants

1.Tuborg strong premium – 8% ABV

2.Tuborg green – 4.6% ABV

•Tuborg beer Alcohol Content

Tuborg beer has high alcohol by volume compared to different beer brands in india.

The alcohol share of the Tuborg beer whole is 8%

7. Heineken

Best beers in india

From barley to bar, Heineken brings you the most effective craft beer, and it’s referred to as the most effective craft beer whole in india.

Heineken breweries are situated in approx 70 countries globally. It’s the world’s largest international brewer beer whole.

The pale beer was introduced in 1973. Dutch production company Heineken International manufactures the beer.

The whole is gift in around 190 countries. The whole is understood to remain prior to trends, and it evolves and expands its production with trends.

•Heineken beer Alcohol Content

Heineken beer incorporates a high alcohol volume compared to different beer brands in india. The alcohol share of the Heineken beer whole about 5%.

•Heineken beer price in india

Heineken is that the best pale beer you’ll realize in india. Heineken 650 ml comes for Rs 200 in beer. It’s swish in taste and utterly effervescent, that makes it definitely worth the value.

8. Haywards

It is one in all the tough-hitting beer brands in india, that has 7 percent of alcohol. The grand was introduce to expand the celebrate Haywards complete.

It’s a definite after-taste, that people appear to understand, able, or dislike. Haywards 5000 also provides a special brand of ultra-strong beer named Haywards 10000.

Haywards maintains a revenue share of virtually 11 november. Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, and Chattisgarh it’s high beer brands in india accessible beneath Rs. 200.

•Haywards Available variants

Haywards 5000 ultra-strong beer -: 7 % ABV

•Haywards 5000 beer Alcohol Content

Haywards 5000 beer has high alcohol by volume compared to alternative beer brands in india. The alcohol share of the Haywards 5000 brew complete is 7 %.

9. Godfather

Godfather is an Indian beer complete in hand by Devans fashionable Breweries Ltd., the flagship company of the DeVANS cluster.

The complete was initial established in 1961 by mr. Dewan Gian Chand. The beer has 2 variants to this point supported alcohol share. This complete manufactures international quality beers. you may realize Godfather beer in each bottles and cans.

Godfather beer complete incorporates a total producing capability of 1,150,000 hectoliters for manufacturing fine first beers.

•Godfather beer Alcohol Content

Godfather beer may be a famous Indian beer complete and offered in 2 variants supported alcohol strengths.

You may realize Godfather brewage with an alcohol share of 6.5% and 4.5%. The beer incorporates a clean, hoppy, and malt flavour.

•Godfather beer price in india

Godfather is one in all the simplest brands of beer in india. Godfather The Legendary Original sturdy beer prices Rs 180 for 650 ml.

The beer tastes wonderful, and it’s definitely worth the worth.

10. Medusa

Medusa is an Indian craft beer complete you must do that week, and you’re sure enough gonna find it irresistible.

The complete objective was to form an honest quality beer at cheap costs once Medusa managed to sell the 3 large integer cans in india solely within the initial year.

The complete announce a revenue of Rs. 70 large integer within the terribly initial year.

This beer is made with the best and freshest ingredients as they import the simplest quality hops from germany with 5.9 %alcohol strength.

This complete gained quality very short fundamental quantity, and very retail wine and beer look close to you.

•Medusa beer Alcohol Content

Medusa beer has high alcohol by volume compared to alternative beer brands in india. The alcohol share of the Haywards 5000 beer complete is 5.9%.

This was our wrestle the simplest beer brands in india. These brewage brands are offeres across india.

You need to be higher than the age of 18 to shop for and consume beer or any alcohol in india.


Finally mentioned above are the best beer brand in india. However, in the end, which beer you prefer, please let us know in the comment box below.

I hope you may get all the information concerning about best beers in india, when reading my article…After this, if you’ve got any doubt then i will be able to help you tell me the comments section.

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